A Triumph in Ending the HIV Epidemic

Introducing TRIUMPH: TRansmission Interruption Using Molecular Public Health – a new initiative to combine cutting-edge technology and community-led action to end the HIV epidemic in San Diego County.

How We’re Ending HIV:

Molecular Public Health Technology

Community Engagement

Intervention Design & Monitoring

Working Together to End HIV

Learn how San Diego’s leading public health and HIV experts are joining forces with local residents to end the HIV epidemic once and for all.

Experience Our Interactive HIV Data Dashboard

The TRIUMPH dashboard monitors trends in HIV diagnoses across geography, demographics, and more.

Play a Key Role in Ending HIV

Join the TRIUMPH Community Advisory Board to help direct public health resources to the neighborhoods and people who need them most.

Everything You Need to Know

Explore our FAQ to learn about the impact of public health, molecular epidemiology, and HIV interventions in our region.